Brian Petruzzi: Internet Marketing is Different

Companies are facing more challenges than ever before in the effort to reach potential customers.  Brian Petruzzi works with clients to develop advertising campaigns that will communicate effectively.  Internet marketing is measurable since every site gathers statistics from each visitor click.  The power of marketing on the world wide web cannot be overstated.  Challenges arise in the effort to draw interested people to the website.  Consistent messages must be offered through the graphic designs and website format.  Professional guidance throughout the advertising campaign allows the business owner to focus on generating business revenue.  Expertise in the advertising of products and services will increase profits and sustain the life of the business.


Customers want to know how the company’s products and services will fulfill various needs in the home, car and business.  Brian Petruzzi reminds all decision makers to include specific benefits in the conversations held with customers each day.  Product features are less important than the ways the customer can gain advantages from the product.  New ways of speaking are important when employees write emails and answer phone calls.  Emphasis on creating a consistent message eliminates confusion in the marketplace.  Customers will begin to convey messages that are consistent and meaningful.


An interested audience can be constructed with online advertising tools.  Brian Petruzzi evaluates the website search terms to find the best places to post ads on the Internet.  Interested people frequent similar places on websites with similar features.  Placement of ads on these sites attracts people who would have interests in the goods and services offered.  Clients realize significant business growth from the careful planning of the entire advertising campaign.  Results from each ad can be measured, so that ineffective ads are moved to other sites.  This targeted approach ensures that every dollar is utilized to the fullest extent.

Brian Petruzzi: Internet Marketing is Essential

Business owners are accustomed to traditional methods of advertising and reaching out to potential customers.  Brian Petruzzi works with clients to embrace the Internet as the most innovative marketing tool ever invented.  Advertising through the Internet requires knowledge of the possible approaches that are useful for each type of business.


  • Company website – Well-designed websites provide valuable information for local customers.  The days of the Yellow Pages driving business to the front door are long past.  A business that does not exist in Cyberspace is on the verge of closing.


  • Email campaign – A list of email addresses is just as valuable as the old-fashioned card file.  Targeted emails inform the customer base about specials, sales and new products.


  • Online press release – Business events announced through an online press release will keep the company name in front of interested customers.  Public interest generated through an online press release can grow the business in the slowest economic conditions.


  • Focused articles – Keyword-focused articles can attract people who are looking for specific products and services.  Consistent article generation with links on other sites can bring more traffic to the company website.


  • Online marketing research – Simple surveys can provide valuable insight into the preferences of new and existing customers.  Business improvements can follow the input received whenever a survey is sent.


  • Forums – Participation in popular online forums will create an audience about the company’s offerings.  Even if customers are not local, the conversation allows the business owner to anticipate the needs in the local economy.


  • Sell products – After enhancing the company website to accommodate e-commerce activity, many businesses will double in size.  The business owner must be prepared for the logistics of selling products to customers located anywhere.


Brian Petruzzi encourages business owners to recognize the value of Internet marketing in the life of a business.  An individual strategy will develop with the feedback gathered from customers.


Brian Petruzzi: Website Tips for Great Results

A business website must present an image that is comparable to that of the company itself.  A whimsical website can belong to an arcade.  The same website would be detrimental to a law firm.  Brian Petruzzi works with clients in many different industries and reminds them to create the right image in Cyberspace.  Trust in the company’s products and services will be influenced by the website attributes, including:


  • Navigation and function – All links on the website landing page must perform perfectly every time, or the website visitor will depart in a matter of seconds.  An effective website will create interaction with the visitor and draw his interest.  A long stay on the site increases the chances he will take action, such as a purchase, a comment or a question on a forum.


  • Appearance and appeal – A website visitor will decide within five seconds whether the website is appealing.  Expectations play an important role in the initial decisions made upon arrival on the home page.  Company image will be determined and the subsequent actions will reveal the effectiveness of the website.  Visual appeal causes the visitor to wander from page to page while reading more about the company and its offerings.


  • Informative content – Office conversations are excellent sources for the types of information that should be included on the website.  Questions that are answered over the phone can be addressed on the website.  New products and services should be posted on the landing page.  Many different valuable pieces of information should reside on the website.


Brian Petruzzi works with clients to develop an appropriate website tone that will enhance the company image.  Sophisticated website visitors will have high expectations, and the website can finalize sales that would otherwise be lost.  Professional website design can increase sales and assist customers in the effort to find out more about the company’s products and services.


Brian Petruzzi: Repetition Causes Decisions

Customer trust is built through repetitive use of brand elements. Brian Petruzzi works with clients to gather all of the available logos, fonts and colors that will remind the customer about the client’s business. Websites are more trustworthy when the business signs are present in the website pictures. Brian Petruzzi shows the clients how to grow sales by improving the visual appeal of the website. Throughout the development process, customers are asked to provide feedback about the web pages to Brian Petruzzi. Elements that work are duplicated on other pages, while those that do not cause action are removed.

Brian Petruzzi: Essential Visual Balance

An optical center exists in every graphic design. Brian Petruzzi arranges every design around this center to retain the interest of anyone who sees one of his designs. Interest is born in a graphic design that holds the visual gaze of the viewer long enough to absorb the advertising message. Brian Petruzzi creates different variations of each graphic design to determine which one has the natural balance. People are asked to view each design to determine the most appealing combination of elements. Brian Petruzzi never skips the research phase because mass appeal is essential for successful graphic design construction.

Brian Petruzzi: Visual Balance Retains Interest

Graphic designs have an optical center, which is a rectangle that resides just above the geometric center. All of the designs created by Brian Petruzzi are symmetrically balanced around this area within the design where the viewer’s eye will focus. The calming effect that is created by symmetric balance provides the valuable seconds required for the reader to absorb the message. Once interest has been created, the potential customer will investigate the rest of the ad contents and determine a subsequent action. Without the balance around the optical center, a graphic design will not be given an opportunity to communicate, and all efforts will have been wasted.

Busy people have little time to figure out why certain graphic designs are so appealing, but experts like Brian Petruzzi understand. Whether the symmetric balance exists in the foreground or is used to create a soothing background, the message will be conveyed through a quick glance. Supporting information will rest on the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines leading away from the optic center. As the reader’s interest builds, the graphic design will answer questions and cause action. The progression of thought is led by the ad without the reader realizing what is happening in rapid succession in their own mind.

Brian Petruzzi Explains Why Your Page Rankings May Be Slipping

Back in 2010, your website was consistently among the top 100 in any search performed on the words and phrases included on your pages. You offered numerous articles, links to other sites and an extensive page of customer comments. However, you have noticed that your rankings have slipped lately, perhaps significantly, and you wonder what has happened.

To be perfectly blunt, the search engine companies got smarter. Google, Bing and Yahoo all understood that unscrupulous websites were artificially manipulating the returns. Users were receiving returns that had little or no relevance to what they were actually seeking. By changing the algorithm used to assign a page rank, the search engines could eliminate many of the bogus returns. Unfortunately, many legitimate sites were also affected by the change, usually because they did just what their original web designers recommended.

Take a look at the articles you have on your site. If they were written prior to 2010 or so, they may be stuffed with keywords. Webmasters often described such works as “search engine optimization,” or SEO, articles. In an effort to “game” the system, the articles were written with a high number of keywords repeated in the article. It was not uncommon for such articles to contain 5 percent or more text devoted to the keywords.

This is not to imply that you should abandon keywords altogether. However, there is a difference between optimizing for search engines and keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing typically leads to poorly constructed articles that are difficult to read and offer little benefit to the reader. For that reason, the search engines now assign demerits to sites that use keyword stuffing.

The same is true for irrelevant meta-tags. For example, there was a time when if you had a website for auto repairs, you could sneak in tags for auto insurance or even weight loss so that your site would be returned for unrelated searches. The search engines can now identify such tags, and your site will be downgraded for them.

Search engines also look for the most current sites when assigning a rank. If your articles have not been updated since 1998, your site will rank lower than a comparable site updated last month.

Websites with multiple inbound links tend to rank higher than those with a lot of outbound links. In other words, if you post numerous links to other sites on your site, you will be rated lower than if numerous other sites contain links to yours. The downgrade was done in an attempt to eliminate “link farms,” or websites that had no real content and existed only to post links to other sites.

Although other factors may also affect your rankings, these are among the most common. If you are ready to reclaim your rankings in the search engines, let Brian Petruzzi Studios help. We are experts in website design and know how to optimize your site. Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.